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cue文件编辑(CUE Tools) 2.1.6 官方绿色版

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cue文件编辑(CUE Tools) 下载 cue文件编辑(CUE Tools) 2.1.6 官方绿色版cue文件编辑下载


cue文件编辑(CUE Tools)  2.1.6 官方绿色版下载



需要安装C++ 2005平台

cue文件编辑(CUE Tools) 2.1.46 官方绿色版


1.9.1 (2007-Sep-19):
Added: Configurable WavPack compression mode and extra mode.
Added: Option to preprocess CUE sheets with filename corrector during normal and batch mode.
Settings and Filename Corrector windows are now centered inside main window when opened.
Updated FLAC library to 1.2.1 and cleaned up callback code.
1.9.0 (2007-Aug-04):
Added: Batch mode.
Added: Option to generate output path based on a custom format string.
Added: Tool to correct the filenames within CUE sheets based on the audio files present in the same folder.
Added: Option to preserve HTOA when outputting gaps appended CUE sheets.
Added: Advanced settings window. Write offset has been moved here, and the FLAC settings can be changed here without having to manually edit the settings file.
Compiled with platform target = x86. Allows FLAC and WavPack DLLs to be loaded in 64-bit Windows but requires the x86 version of the .NET Framework 2.0.
1.8.0 (2007-Jul-30):
Added: Option to offset the output audio.
Fixed: Error when stopping with FLAC/WavPack output.
Now accepts files that don't end on a CD frame boundary, shows warning.
Updated FLAC library to 1.2.0, uses set_compression_level, and changed padding to 8k.

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